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The Island of Spice is situated in Tanzania, and is one of the most popular island destinations in the world. The exotic island of Zanzibar with its endless palm fringed beaches and azure waters was the favourite haunt of the Sultans of Oman in the Middle Ages. A unique and colourful history, narrow cobbled streets, a diverse culture and of course some of the most picture-perfect beaches in Africa ensures a memorable travel experience.

Sample delicious fresh seafood, visit the old slave quarter, browse the heavenly spice markets or unwind on pristine beaches. Warm clear waters are ideal for swimming, and a friendly and warm welcome from locals is par for the course. Water sports, boat cruises, scuba diving and snorkelling are also excellent around this island, ensuring unforgettable island holidays in the vanilla-scented oasis of East Africa.

General Information

Language: The official language is Kiswahili but English is widely spoken.
Currency: The local currency is the Tanzanian Shilling; however US Dollars are widely accepted across the island.
Visa: South African passport holders do not require a visa.
Time: GMT+3.

What things cost

These are approximate prices and may vary according to hotels and seasons (US Dollars)

Bottle of water:            USD3
Bottle of wine:             USD20 – USD65
Beer:                          USD3 – USD5
Soft drinks:                 USD3
Coffee / Tea:               USD3

Climate: Zanzibar is a year-round destination. The coolest months are June through October, when the temperature averages 26 Celsius. This can soar to well over 30 degrees in the hot season from December to March. During November (the ‘short rains’) and between April and June (‘long rains’), rainfall is higher. Rain in Zanzibar comes short, sharp showers in the morning or afternoon, followed by the return of the sunshine.